The Project

Hugh Lamb (the dad mentioned on the Home Page) has been collecting and editing vintage tales of the supernatural and macabre for 45 years, earning a reputation as one the UK’s foremost authorities on Victorian ghost stories. With the recent news that he was going to be publishing three new editions after a long hiatus, he decided it was time for a website!

We decided to keep it simple. The site features an About Page, a blog-based News Page, and a complete Bibliography, with links to buy the new books. There is also much scope for expansion of the site, should the opportunity arise.

Welcome to the 21st century, Dad!

Site Features

  • Custom Built, Responsive, Theme
  • WordPress CMS
  • News Page
  • Buy Book Links
  • Dedicated Book Pages
  • Gallery Page
  • Custom Admin Area Fields
  • All Content Fully Editable

From the Client

“I won’t start getting a load of emails now, will I?”

He doesn’t own a smartphone or computer…