A WordPress website is like a car. Take good care if it, keep it clean and well-maintained, and it will always run smoothly. Our WordPress Maintenance Service will keep the engine of your site humming like a dream.

WordPress, and most of the plugins on your WordPress website, get multiple updates each year. For example, WordPress actually updated its core files 18 times in 2015.

Many times these updates are improvements to the system, but the majority of the time they are made available to keep WordPress secure. Hackers are always looking for a vulnerable WordPress site and the easiest way for them to gain access to is through plugins and WordPress files that have not been updated.

But who wants the hassle of keeping on top of this? Well, we do. For a small monthly fee, we’ll take the headache away.

WordPress Maintenance Service


Regular WordPress Updates

We’ll make sure your site files are updated the day WordPress releases its latest version. This will be done no matter how many times WordPress updates.

Regular Plugin Updates

We love plugins! So we’ll also ensure yours are kept up-to-date, no matter how many different plugins your website employs.

Regular Site and Database Backups

Hosting servers, like all technology, sometimes run into problems. The worst case scenario when this happens is the loss of all your site files and data. We’ll maintain daily backups and carry out the re-installation of your site, should the nightmare happen to you.

Security Monitoring

Initially, we’ll give your website a full security check to make sure it hasn’t already been corrupted. Assuming all is well, we’ll throw up the defenses and begin daily monitoring of your website to prevent any further attacks.

Spam Cleaning

There’s nothing more annoying than receiving countless spam comments through your website. This is a given with WordPress unless you have some prevention in place. We’ll clean existing spam and install that prevention. We’ll also secure your contact forms with reCaptcha to prevent spam emails at the source.